eVikings II

About the project

eVikings II is an FP5 IST programme accompanying measures project (IST-2001-37592, 1 Nov. 2002-30 Apr. 2005, extended until 30 Sept. 2005). The project aims at

eVikings II is a follow-up project to the Estonian eVikings project (IST-2000-26453, 1 Jan. 2001-31 March 2002).

The coordinating institution of eVikings II is TTÜ Küberneetika Instituut (IoC).

The project is strategically supervised by a steering committee involving representatives from all contracting institutions. The steering committee members are: Prof. Jaan Penjam (IoC), Prof. Raimund Ubar (TTU), Prof. Haldur Õim (UT), Mr. Tarmo Pihl (Archimedes), Dr. Indrek Reimand (EITF), Mr. Veiko Sepp (Ericsson), Dr. Jean-Marie Furbringer (EPFL), Prof. Matti Karjalainen (HUT), Dr. Ülo Jaaksoo (Cybernetica). Operative management is taken care of by Prof. Jaan Penjam (IoC), Prof. Tarmo Uustalu (IoC), and Mr. Tarmo Pihl (Archimedes).

Last update 4 May 2005